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  • Help! I created a monster.

    Help! I created a monster. Guess where ‘Someone’ wants me to go and wants me to do once I get there. I’m so close to taking away the DTV box & telling her to go listen to the radio.

  • Trying to shop at Target.com? You might have to wait a while.

    So much for seeing what they have before I go. Fortunately, there is a store within reach. Off I go to to shop “old school.”

  • What about non-retail wishlists?

    I have already discussed how to create your own wishlist of retail related items on the WildWE Blog. However, what about non-retail items like digital subscriptions and the like? There a solution for that. Its called Del.icio.us. For many, it has become a way to bookmark and archive links of interest. How to create a…

  • From “lamp supplies” to “finials”

    Grandma is *very* into antiques. So much so, that she loves to fix and switch things around (now some of you know where I get it from.) I was over at Gram’s and she says, she needs one of “theses.” She gives me a piece that goes on top of a lamp  to secure the…

  • Don’t blow your 15 minutes of online fame

    Grandma called me excitedly to tell me about a product she’d see on the Martha Stewart show. She got the company and the product right, but this is when things start to get interesting.

  • Blog Review: Peterman’s Eye

    I’m trying out a new format, reviewing blogs that intrigue me. I hope to gain some insight as well as takeaways that can be applied to any blog.  So here we go. While watching a DVR recording of Your Business, I saw the feature story of the J. Peterman Company. During the story, they mentioned…

  • Layway makes a comeback

    On the Mama’s Keeper blog, Gram talks about how layway is coming back strong and what lessons people can use from the old school. Something to think about on a day like today being Black Friday and all.

  • Sunday Drugstore Shopping: Comparing Online Store Circulars

    Its another quiet Sunday Morning in the big city.  I was sound asleep when the phone rings.  Who is it?  Then I look at the caller id.  It could be one of two people that have veto power to call me.  Its Grandma. “Steph, if and when you go out, please get a 9 volt battery.…

  • The Declining Literacy Rate of the American Mall

    Are bookstores going extinct? It sure seems so lately. I took Grandma to the mall the other day for a long overdue excursion. One of the items on my list was to buy a particular book. Sure I could have of ordered it online, but since I was going to the mall anyway, I figured…

  • iPod or Zune?

    I once again find myself in the middle. This time, it whether or not to but a iPod or a Zune.