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  • More on The Difference between SEO and SEM

    Even though SEO and SEM is fairly know for those of us online everyday, there are still some people that are new to the territory that need a quick primer on the ABC’s of Search. Here’s my attempt:

  • AdWords Editor: Better late than never

    OK, I realized only today (I know, I know) that I took, as my Mom would say “the slow boat to China” on this one.

  • The difference between SEO and SEM

    I recently re-did a brief presentation of mine for my business website that talks about the difference between SEO and SEM. This is a good primer for someone who wants to learn more about the lay on the land. http://www.authorstream.com/player.swf?p=nextsteph-65905-difference-seo-sem-ppc-search-engine-optimization-marketing-050508-education-ppt-powerpoint.xml Uploaded on authorSTREAM by  nextsteph

  • SEMPO-NY Local Recap Thoughts

    Last week, I went to the inaugural SEMPO-NY meetup. For more information about SEMPO, what it stands for etc. click here.

  • Microsoft taking things to the next step with Yahoo

    You know when your grandmother calls you first thing Friday morning with this piece of news, you don’t blink. You fire up your laptop and go to the feeds. Here are a couple of places that have several vantage points on this story: Search Engine Journal Search Engine Watch It’s still early yet, but I’m…

  • What happens after your get the lead?

    What happens after you receive your SEM/PPC leads or any website leads for that matter? In the case for an e commerce website, this is necessarily not an issue as the website goal is to get an online sale. However, for other website goals, what happens beyond the lead requires establishing contact. Here are some…

  • Did you know that you can do your own keyword research?

    Sure you know what your website is all about, but will searchers find it? Find out what searchers are searching for by visiting the following keyword research tools. http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/search.html http://www.wordtracker.com Both sites have free versions that limit the amount of keywords that one can search. One can type in a keyword, and the results will…

  • Reflections on Search Engine Strategies New York

    Now that SES-NY is over, I’ve had some time to reflect on some comments given by SES participants and attendees: “The speaker did a great job and knew what they were talking about.” “I’ve enjoyed the show.” “There were so many great sessions I wanted to go to. I wish I would have brought more…

  • Search Engine Advertising 101 at Search Engine Stategies NYC

    I know I didn’t blog yesterday. I had to wait for my new Dell to arrive. However, I do have a tip for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ and Pay Per Click PPC campaigns from the Search Engine Advertising 101 at Search Engine Strategies in New York session with Dana Todd of SiteLab and Matt Wagner…

  • The First 100 impressions…

    I have entered Marketing Pilgrim’s SEM Scholarship Contest. My entry is The first 100 impressions: What your paid keywords can tell you. Take a look at the article and please let me know if you find the information useful.