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  • Google AdWords would like to Spring Clean your Account

    Good Monday Morning! In addition to welcoming the warmer weather, Google AdWords has decided to get a jumpstart on “Spring Cleaning” by permanently deleting ads and keywords that haven’t gotten any impressions, or that have been removed for over 100 days (or for  over 3 months.) I’m concerned because I won’t be able to see what…

  • Cleaning up SEM/PPC campaigns is like cleaning out the refrigerator

    Cleaning up SEM/PPC campaigns is like cleaning out the refrigerator

    I was cleaning out my refrigerator over the weekend. Realizing that some items have gone bad is always disappointing. One is then faced the reality of having to throw out the bad items. The same thing applies with pay-per-click keywords. If people have been clicking on an ad for a particular keyword and there are…

  • Would it hurt to buy a domain name?

      It always amazes me how folks advertise on AdWords with a subdomain instead of their own domain. Would it hurt to buy a domain name to build a brand?

  • Would you manage AdWords Campaign(s) thru your cell phone?

    Google recently released AdWords for Mobile, where one can view and make changes to accounts. Personally, I wouldn’t feel confortable managing campaigns via a cellphone because “Murphy’s Law” is always in effect. Let me know what you think.

  • Paid Search, please don’t send coupons to customers if they can’t use it

    One of my clients received a mailing from a paid search provider saying that they are entitled to a coupon. My client’s paid search campaign is more than a year old. I called the company to confirm this because I’m tired of receiving coupons that do not apply. This company did not have any “fine…

  • Word before WordPress Equals Worry

    When will people learn? No matter how many blogs I tweak and go under the hood of, there is one main thing than makes me scream… An indication that the person used Microsoft Word (or another text editor) and directly copied and pasted the document into a WordPress blog yields extraneous characters in the text.…

  • 3 Things that Make Me Scream

    Being that it is the season for Halloween, I thought it would be appropriate to post the “Things that make me scream edition.” Normally, I try to edit these things when speaking to colleagues and clients, but this is the season to “let it out”. So without further ado: 1. When computer disaster strikes –…

  • Insights on a career in SEO and SEM

    I was quoted today in an article from Web Worker Daily. Learn more about what others say about what it takes to have a career in search.

  • When 4 goals aren’t enough

    Lately, I have been working with clients who have more than 4 goals on their website. As we know, there are multiple goals a website can have, but what happens when 4 isn’t enough?

  • Another day, another T-shirt

    I was lucky enough to win an SMX T-shirt from SMX East this week. How often does a girl get 2 shirts in one week without having to pay for them?