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  • Where are the women of search?

    ShoeMoney asks: Where are the women of search in his post. I can’t answer for all the Women of Search, but I can answer for myself. As an independent practitioner, conference funds are few and far between, also if on the chance I am offered an opportunity to speak, there are still expenses to be…

  • What I’ve learned from the EduWeb Conference

    Ok, now that I’ve had time to recuperate and time to review and absorb nearly everything all eduweb2008, I have time to put in my 2 dollars (hey, that’s inflation for ya.) In the session How to Accelerate your Search Marketing Campaigns in Education by Jennifer Brady, University of Massachusetts & Dave Reske, NowSpeed Inc, …

  • How to Acclerate your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns in Education

    “You are never done.” This is the mantra of most search engine marketing professionals. You can just set it and forget it.

  • More on The Difference between SEO and SEM

    Even though SEO and SEM is fairly know for those of us online everyday, there are still some people that are new to the territory that need a quick primer on the ABC’s of Search. Here’s my attempt:

  • The difference between SEO and SEM

    I recently re-did a brief presentation of mine for my business website that talks about the difference between SEO and SEM. This is a good primer for someone who wants to learn more about the lay on the land. http://www.authorstream.com/player.swf?p=nextsteph-65905-difference-seo-sem-ppc-search-engine-optimization-marketing-050508-education-ppt-powerpoint.xml Uploaded on authorSTREAM by  nextsteph

  • Laura Thieme of BizResearch Talks about Staffing and Gender in Search

    http://video.google.com/googleplayer.swf?docId=8939619874697509066&hl=en One of the women in search who I consider a mentor as well as a good friend is Laura Thieme of BizResearch. In this video, she discusses the differences in what careers in search people gravitate to.

  • SEMPO-NY Local Recap Thoughts

    Last week, I went to the inaugural SEMPO-NY meetup. For more information about SEMPO, what it stands for etc. click here.

  • What happens after your get the lead?

    What happens after you receive your SEM/PPC leads or any website leads for that matter? In the case for an e commerce website, this is necessarily not an issue as the website goal is to get an online sale. However, for other website goals, what happens beyond the lead requires establishing contact. Here are some…

  • Search Engine Advertising 101 at Search Engine Stategies NYC

    I know I didn’t blog yesterday. I had to wait for my new Dell to arrive. However, I do have a tip for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)/ and Pay Per Click PPC campaigns from the Search Engine Advertising 101 at Search Engine Strategies in New York session with Dana Todd of SiteLab and Matt Wagner…

  • The First 100 impressions…

    I have entered Marketing Pilgrim’s SEM Scholarship Contest. My entry is The first 100 impressions: What your paid keywords can tell you. Take a look at the article and please let me know if you find the information useful.