Move to WordPress: Migrations & Consolidations

The Film Panel Notetaker on Blogger
The Film Panel Notetaker on Blogger

The Film Panel Notetaker on WordPress - WordPress move
The Film Panel Notetaker on WordPress

Let’s face it. Stuff happens. You start off with a free blog service. You then get web hosting and decide that you want to move your blog to your new fully hosted domain. Or… You are already using a blogging platform and you decided that you have outgrown it for one reason or another.

nextSTEPH has over 7 years of experience specializing in blogs and site migrations. The company has performed multiple blog moves. Most moves can take a few hours to a few days, depending on how much data there is.

Example WordPress move(s):

  • Static HTML to WordPress
  • Blogger/Blogspot (Blogger) to WordPress
  • Tumblr to WordPress
  • TypePad to WordPress
  • to (self-hosting)

What they said after the move…

“I’ve known Stephanie since 2002 when she was a T.A. (teaching assistant) in my Web Design course at Metropolitan College of New York. Her help back then foreshadowed a promising career to come. Last year, Stephanie was an integral part of a panel discussion I moderated at MCNY on Networking in the Media. I’ve seen the exceptional work she’s done to help other bloggers carry out their visions that I enlisted her help to migrate my blog, The Film Panel Notetaker, from blogspot to WordPress. She took great care in listening to my needs and made everything happen with very quick turnaround.”

Brian Geldin, The Film Panel Notetaker.

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