What happens when your cell phone goes down

It was a Friday afternoon in the sunny city. Where am I? Sitting in a restaurant. Am I celebrating the weekend early? No. Am I meeting someone for a client lunch? I am waiting for my cell phone to be repaired.
Besides steaming that this happening at an inconvenient time, I decided to take a deep breath and make the best of an awkward situation.

So how did I get to this point? The day began just like any other day, projects to keep track of and complete, both the cell and house phone ringing off the hook and me, checking the latest from the feeds. I began doing some work on my laptop and then my cell phone started to change colors like something out of the psychadelic 60’s. Then I knew I couldn’t post-pone it any longer since I was leaving town in a week. I had to step away from my work to figure out what was wrong with the phone.

Here are some tips I came away with as to how to cope without a cell phone.

  1. Why I still have a landline? If for nothing else as a back-up.
  2. Let the people who call you often know, that “no you are not ignoring them”; its that the phone had to go “to the hospital”
  3. Take pen to paper and write; take the time to be alone with your thoughts
  4. Get out and walk, especially if its gorgeous day out. I walked around the hood, took care of some errands before settling down to write this post.

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