Life after college

As it is still graduation season for some colleges and universities, I can’t help but to think back on what happened after I “graduated”. Lately, the job market has not been kind to anyone, especially college graduates.

I stumbled upon an article, that talks about college graduates having  to move back home and the compromises made during the process. It reminded me of the 2 years I had to face when moving back home after going away to college. It took me six months to get a job out of college, but with the current state of affairs, who knows how long current graduates would have to wait it out.

Perhaps if there was a guide like in Seth Godin’s  recent blog post, then things would not have seemed so bad.

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  1. Moving back in with my parents has been interesting, but luckily I’m not alone. When I started, I got tons of submissions from those in the same spot as me: unemployed and living with the parents.

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