Favorite Tweets from BlogherBiz

Since I am still (I know its nuts) not quite myself recovering from yet another minor setback, I thought that since I did my favorite tweets for Never Left College, I would do the same for BlogherBiz and Blogher.

Blogher Biz

AndreaGenevieve 36 million women blogging WEEKLY. awesome #blogher

buzzmommy #blogher bloggers twice as likely to use social media for information. Social networkers use to keep in touch

mrsfrema AllState outlined worst-case scenarios before they happened so they could react appropriately when the time came. Very smart. #blogher09

mrsfrema Fiskateers: paid Fiskars bloggers who talk about like-minded topics, not specifically Fiskars as a brand. #blogher09

jilltxt Lisa Stone: “Free content makes me cry my heart out.” #blogherbiz

Laura360 Design a Coach bag social media case: 3,200 entries in 6 weeks http://tinyurl.com/6dm23e #blogher business

jilltxt People seem so worried that bloggers should disclose sponsorship – I think that if you don’t disclose you’re going to lose trust #blogherbiz

Stay Tuned for my fav #blogher09 tweets.





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