Dealing with post conference information overload

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After every conference without fail, you get a bunch of business cards, sites and now Twitter accounts. Some blogs you decide to subscribe to, others you decide to files and the lucky few you actually decide to follow.

Since I met and in some cases re-connected with others, its important for me to organize all this information for my own sanity.

The first step that I did was filter out the twitter accounts. One of the main trends at both the eduweb (For more about the EduWeb conference, go to Never Left College.) and Blogher conferences was having twitter names on nametags. This was an excellent idea. One of the new connections I met even tweeted about it:

gwenbell If I don’t know your name, please tell me your twitter handle #blogher. Thanks!

I am now  reviewing the blogs that I subscribe to and making decisions if the blogs are business or personal. I unsubscribed from the personal blogs and re-subscribed in my personal feed reader account. This way, I won’t be distracted when I’m actually trying to get work done.

I am in the process for doing the same thing with my twitter accounts so don’t be surprised if you get unfollowed and refollowed from a new account:)

As for the business cards,  I always see if they have accounts on Linkedin. If so, that’s great because if they have Twitter enabled, I will be able to see that as well.

After I’m done with that, I would normally scan the business cards in.

What’s your strategy for dealing with post conference information overload?



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