Audit your business processes

Stethoscope on a Computer Keyboard

We all know about of spring cleaning, but what about fall cleaning?

Lately, all I have been hearing about is evaluating your strategy and auditing processes. So, instead of harvesting, I have been filtering and purging.

My desktop computer was feeling sluggish, so I decided to finally call a professional and have them to diagnose the problem.

They said that it would be a good idea to not only get rid of the icons on my screen that I wasn’t using. I realized that I had freed up a good amount of space.

I also decided to clean out my laptop as well and gasp! uninstalled  Dreamweaver. Lately, I have been handcoding most of the time. Plus, with web based FTP programs and with Firefox plugins like FireFTP and Firebug, it has been easy for me to actually maintain.

What are you doing this season to re-evaluate your strategy?

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