WordPress Wednesday: When to turn your Categories into Tags

I was in the process of sorting out posts for a client of mine. They have been blogging since 2005 and have amassed a great deal of posts. Along the way, they also had a great amount of categories.

They contacted me and told me that they wanted to simply their category list from 26 to 6. At first, I silently freaked out wondering about SEO and permalink implications. Then I remembered about tags being in WordPress 2.7. Then, I realized all was not lost. The tags could then serve as “subcategories”.

I then went to the Categories link under “Posts” and converted the previous categories into tags.
You can also do the reverse as well by going into “Post Tags.” After that, I clicked on the “Edit” link, then clicked on the “Quick Edit” link under each post and checked the appropriate category checkbox.

Are you planning to simplify your categories and tags? Tell us how in the comments.





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