When was the last time you when through your computer applications?


Here it is, another weekend.  For the past several weekends, I have been making room for a new arrival.

Just like that story on  The Secret, where the woman started packing her things because she wanted to move. So I began to digitally pack my things in anticipation of a new computer. I don’t know which platform yet, but that’s for another post.

It all started with my laptop scare and this post from Web Worker Daily brought the point home. It is time to clean up the computers.

On the desktop PC, I went to the Control Panel and clicked on “Programs and Features” on Vista or “Add or Remove Programs” on XP. You can go through the programs based on how often you use them, when was the last time you used a particular program. In my case it doesn’t matter since “I’m moving”.

However, I think it a good practice to at least review your applications quarterly to find out what programs are essential versus the ones who are taking up valuable space on your computer.


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