Twitter Follows New Profile

New Twitter Layout Guide, Spring 2014 edition

In case you didn’t know, Twitter profiles now have a new layout.

In less than a few weeks, everyone will have the layout.

Don’t want Twitter to catch your profile on it’s bad side?

Good news! You have time to design, develop and test your layout before the due date.

First the basics.

Twitter Profile Layout:
New Twitter Layout Guide

The new Twitter layout consist of 2 major graphic changes.

Twitter recommends that the cover photo should be  1500 px (pixel)  x 500 px. if you want to make sure nothing getc cropped, have the height at 375 px.

Similar to the Facebook cover photo, the Twitter cover photo can be used for branding purposes.

The profile photo has increased  from to 400 px x 400 px.

Other things to be aware of.

You can pin a post to the top, just like on Facebook.

Any posts that gets favorites and re-tweets, the font will be enlarged.

Twitter Follows New Profile

Everyone knows who you are following. Why? Because it appears in your profile. So as the COO says, “Be careful, now more than ever of the company you keep.”

Images are larger than they appear. For the ideal image to appear in on the Twitter profile, it’s best that it’s at least 590 px x 300 px.

Have you taken the next step and switched over to the new Twitter profile yet?

Let us know in the comments.





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