Where are your Charitable Dollars going?

dollar and Donation Box, concept of Donation
dollar and Donation Box, concept of Donation

As people are recovering from both Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you might have noticed that you may have started to receive mail (snail and electronic) and phone calls from non-profit organizations for the holiday season. There are ways to be confident about who, and what you are giving to.

  1. Have you had a good experience with an organization?
  2. Have you seen the organization live in action? i.e. a church, or soup kitchen? Have you seen the dollars in action? Are you pleased with the results?
  3. Are you willing to talk about the organization to others, can you be the organization’s cheerleader and encourage others to give?

If you are still unsure about a non-profit organization, you can use GuideStar Basic for free (registration required) and see information about all kinds of organizations so that you can give without being weary.






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