Should you create a website around your book or yourself?



One of the many tips about blogging that I have encountered is the question focusing on book authors.

Should I create a website around my book or myself?

I know I will get comments from the peanut gallery, that’s what the form below is for.

However, my vote will always go to self, and not just because I’m an only child. If you are a serious author, you know you want to write more books. Do you seriously want to go through the whole process of developing another website for  a new book or just create a new section off your existing professional website promoting the book?

I recently had to fold a book website into a professional new website, so I know from experience how  tricky the process can be.

Here are a few authors that have  their own websites that feature their books:

If you still feel that you need your own website for your book, at least buy the domain name of the book and have it forward to the page about your book.

Better yet, buy your own name ( and have it forward to your book website.



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