Book Review: Stop Pushing Me Around

Disclosure: I have known Ilise Benun professionally since 2004 when she spoke at the WorldWIT (Women in Technology) Camp. We have also worked together on a project or two.

Here we are, my first blog post of 2010. Since I had *some* time over the holiday break to read (on the Amazon Kindle for iPod Touch app) I decided that since its a new year and all that, t, I would be active in pursuing my goals for this year. In keeping with that, I read I would read Stop Pushing Me Around!: A Workplace Guide for the Timid, Shy, and Less Assertive
by Ilise Benun.

Even though I don’t work in a cubicle per se, Ilise does give some great tips that can help anyone present themselves with confidence. Some highlights from the book include:

  • Have stories to tell at a networking event
  • Develop a keep-in-touch system

and more importantly,

  • Do something different

This book made me look back on the past year and evaluate how I can better prepare for business and networking situations. Even before I read the book, I have begun to realize my limits and knowing most of all, when to say “No!” Reading the book for me brought the message home.

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