AdWords Editor: Better late than never

OK, I realized only today (I know, I know) that I took, as my Mom would say “the slow boat to China” on this one.
I had over 16 text ads to copy from one Google AdWords Group to another and I was thinking that there had to be a easy and better way to do this. There hasn’t been a need previously, but this was my first client that required more the 5 text ads per adgroup. The solution was staring me in the face for nearly 2 years.

Granted, I haven’t been on top of it all due to personal circumstances, but still it was a Homer Simpson moment.

So, I did what any SEM professional would do. I had a chat session with AdWords support.

Google Adwords Screenshot

The rep was patient and told me to download AdWords Editor. Within 30 minutes, I made major changes to 3 of my accounts.

It just goes to show, that all you have to do is open your eyes.


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